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Embodying Borders

a performance series

25.05 - 27.11 2016


During the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice “Reporting From The Front”, The Nationless Pavilion has decided to develop the performance series "Embodying Borders" on the dynamics of individual and collective bodies in relation to the architecture of barriers, spurring a reflection on what it means to inhabit the border, appropriate it, measure it, crossing it, going beyond it.

Embodying Borders will also include performances and lectures developed on the topic by artists and art collective invited by Nation25.


Performance, with Marco Mazzoni, a collaboration between Nation25, Kinkaleri e Nadia Arouri

This "First Study" is the result of a period of artistic residency in SpazioK in Prato. The perfromance is part of the program "Spaces of Exeption", Sale Docks, Dorsoduro 265, Venice.

Friday May 27, 8 pm @SaLE Docks, Venice

IMAGES//Gallery 1 and 2 below


EMBODYING BORDERS #2 come to light in a site-specific, not pre-established, not traceable a priori manner, in the path of the Biennale Urbana, in collaboration with Stalker-Osservatorio Nomade.

Saturday, May 28, Uruguay Pavilion, Giardini Venice

IMAGES//Gallery 3 below

THE EPISTEMOLOGY OF BORDER: Futures of bio-geo-techno-Politics, lecture-performance by Denis Maksimov & Timo Tuominen (Avenir Institute). Maksimov and Tuominen departed from analogy of borrowed from Thomas Hobbes visual concept of Leviathan in order to reflect on radical changes, that the idea and materialisation of 'border' went through in modernity into the currents.
This intervention is a result ongoing collaboration between Avenir Institute and Nation25, which happens in the context of The Nationless Pavilion 2015.

The lecture-performance took place in the context of the walk "Under the BoardWalk" with Biennale Urbana and Stalker.

The Epistemology of Border
"The lecture performance consisted of the two chapters, which were presented by Denis Maksimov and Timo Tuominen in consecutive order. They used laser-cut black glossy flat boards in the shape of basic body parts (legs, arms, head...) and political maps of the countries in somewhat randomized scaling. Denis has spoken about the emergence of the term 'border' in political context and then constructed the map of some of the characteristic features of contemporary geopolitics from the physical 'template' of the body without the organs. 'Manufacturer of the world' position of China was added to the joint in the right hand; USA became the brain as the provider of the context and the narrative of the contemporary globalism; Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom composed men's genitals as a token of post-imperial syndrome reappearance.
Timo morphed this narrative contextually and physically, further elevating the atmosphere of anatomical theatre, with the reflections and speculations about the possible futures of human body in the aftermath of technological progress from the perspectives of neurobiology, cyborgization, the Internet of things, etc. The lecture performance had an aim of generating individual and societal critical questions about the futures without providing a particular scenario(s)."(Avenir Institute)

​- 9 - 17 July 2016, Teatro Marinoni Venice.

IMAGES// Gallery 4 below



What does it mean to live the rupture, along the edge of security and its opposite? Is the rupture between the power of nature and the labour of man and his decision so unbridgeable?
Is the rupture between the productive world and the cultural one due to our contemporary social or is it a necessary condition to the function of the societies?

Elena Giulia Abbiatici (Nation25) invited Cristopher Cichocki to reflect on this questions.

Cristopher Cichocki tried to answer this questions with a beautiful dialogue and an environmental installation, held together with Swedish students in Architecture that enjoyed Biennale Urbana at Teatro Marinoni, Venice.

IMAGES// Gallery 5 below

"What does it mean to live the rupture, along the edge of security and its opposite?
What does it means to inhabit an irreversible moment?
The terrible earthquake that hang Amatrice and its neighborhood few days ago, disrupted a city and created about 300 dead. It's a clear rupture inside the life and the soul of the entire Italy. It's the unpotentiality of the man in front of the nature. And not only, it's a question about the architectural measures taken or not.
In the context of Biennale Urbana and its revivification of abandoned places/ territoires de passage, the opposite aspects of life-oblivion, shelter-abandon, security-danger, culture-nature are investigated also through the length of the artist Cristopher Cichocki. Cristopher Cichocki is a multi disciplinary artist, working in a time-based and site-specific way, and the founder-director of Epicenter Projects alongside the San Andreas Fault Line in California. An international selection of contemporary artists have been invited to produce site-specific works alongside the San Andreas Fault Line, one of the largest fault zones in the world that spans throughout California's desert and coastline regions.

Is the rupture between the power of nature and the labour of man and his decision so unbridgeable?
Is the rupture between the productive world and the cultural one due to our contemporary social or is it a necessary condition to the function of the societies?

Cristopher Cichocki tries to answer to this question with an environmental installation, 'Fluid Division', located at the entrance of Marinoni theatre.
This one is placed in a transitional space through the sea and the theatre, trying to cover the space of separation constituted by beach, with sand and surrounded vegetation.
Two theatre's tubes become the binaries of a new river crossed by liquid fluorescent painting and the ground where are triggered dry branches inhabited by little snails, typical of this Lido's area.
The sand is the base of the three elements, crossing and re-combining them; not differently from how it disseminates itself into every surfaces.
An orange neon line marks the borders of 'Fluid Division', like a frame of a new possible futuristic eco-environment, able to connect replacement, sustainability and imagination. The artist does not add anything, instead he re-means signs of a proper space-time. A sort of synthesis of representativity and not representativity in a free composition of elements. His painterly gestures is able to point out a line and color un listened shrubbery and Lido's sea water. The water as collective body that, meanwhile gives life, generates different organisms in a state of constant mutation".(Elena Giulia Abbiatici)

Gallery 1 - working on Embodying Borders at SpazioK with Kinkaleri and Nadia Arouri, rehearsals and drawings
embodying borders studio cate 004
embodying borders studio cate 008
embodying borders studio cate 001
Embodying on working
Embodying studio
Embodying studio
Embodying Studio
Embodying studio

Gallery 2 - Embodying Borders #1, first studio with Marco Mazzoni, Kinkaleri, Nadia Arouri and Nation25 at Sale DOCKS

Gallery 3 - Embodying Borders #2,with Marco Mazzoni, Kinkaleri, Nation25 in coll. with Biennale Urbana and Uruguay Pavilion Reboot Project at Uruguay Pavilion, Giardini, Venice

Gallery 4 - "The Epistemology of Border: Futures of bio-geo-techno-Politics" by Avenir Institute Denis Maksimov & Timo Tuominen. Teatro Marinoni in coll. with Nation25 and Biennale Urbana

Gallery 5 - "CROSSING THINKERS" by Cristopher Cichocki at Teatro Marinoni in coll. with Nation25 and Biennale Urbana. Curated by Elena Giulia Abbiatici.

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