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A process to represent the 25th Nation

6.05 - 22.11 2015 – Venice


The first project of Nation 25 is The Nationless Pavilion, the Pavilion of those dispossessed of a nation in comparison with the system of National Pavilions in Biennale: a foundational and critical gesture at the same time.


Which is the space within this system of those who lost their Nation / territory?

What it means to maintain a separation of national identity when we are challenging the borders?


The project will open in Venice with a series of collective moments from May to November:

open call, performance and laboratory.


- ROUNDTABLE (SaLE Docks) // May 8, 2015, 3.00 – 5.30 pm

Rendering a Nation

- ACTION (SaLE Docks, Giardini, Arsenale, Venice) //

May 6 to November 22, 2015

Square Tape

Refugees, migrants, artists and humanitarians will discuss the notion of a Nationless Pavilion from their own expertise and experience.

The meeting will take place around a table prepared with texts, objects, photos, documents and sources linked to the interventions.


The talk will seek to better define the idea of a “nation” whose existence is based on common needs and experiences and opposed to territorial integrity.

Further the talk seeks to discuss how the notion of a pavilion and the artistic practice it includes can address the challenges of dispossession. The idea of a Nationless pavilion requires that we rethink notions of borders, identity, belonging and exclusion. The challenge is to find an element that embodies a place of belonging – one with an artistic practice relates both to social facts and imaginative possibilities.

The focus will go to “the Nationless”: the 51.5 million people registered as political refugees, to move from the abstraction of a number to the human beings with their physiognomies, visions and narratives.

On the 8th on May 2015 The Nationless Pavilion was asking the permission to the curators of each National Pavilion to include in their space a square made of tape, as a symbolic presence of Nation25.

We were asking this presence inside each National Pavilion to bring the attention to this invisible state that lives within the different nations.


The Asylum Request will continue till the 22nd of November when the Biennale 56th will close.

Conversations regarding permissions for square tape will live as a visible history/documentation inside Sale Docks.



- LABORATORY (Lecce - Venice, S.a.L.E Docks) //

20 - 31 October 2015

Nation 25 Under Construction

on view till 20th November 2015


May 6 - October 20, 2015

Take Part in the construction of the 25th Nation


With the open call, we are inviting the public (artists, refugees, migrants and everyone involved with migration issue)to take part directly in the construction/constitution of the 25th Nation.


- You can send texts, objects, drawings, ideas, sound, possibly not finished works, but traces of a work (or of a thought) that are connected to the themes of the laboratory.


- You can also come directly to the laboratory in October at Sale Docks, bringing with you this type of materials.


This "traces" of images and ideas will form an archive that will be used, as an open source,to visualize/construct the 25th Nation.


From 6th May to the 20th October 2015, you can send your material to

Or by post at S.a.L.E. Docks:

Magazzini del Sale, Dorsoduro 265, Venice, Italy

During the month of October, the Nationless Pavilion will launch a laboratory to "build-constitute" the 25th Nation, giving it a shape, a view, from the analysis of the common aspects of refugees, migrants and the internally displaced: reasons for departure, crossing the border, waiting, horizon and goal, hybrid identity.


20-24 October 2015 –  Castrì (LE) and Lecce, in collaboratio with Free Home University

Lab 1 – artist leader: Ultra-Red


26-28 October 2015 – Venice and Sale Docks in collaboration with AtWork lab and Lettera27

Lab 2 – artist leader: Emilio Fantin


29-30 October 2015 – Sale Docks, Venezia

Lab 3 – artist leader: Denis Maksimov, Avenir Institute.


This is a paradoxical exercise to fix a dynamic entity inherently changeable, with some common needs to be focused on and where to intervene.


The cartography of thought and experiences emerged from the workshops will be set up inside the Salt Docks and will remain visible until the 20th of November 2015.




- INSTALLATION (Venice, S.a.L.E Docks) //

Nation 25 Under Construction

30th October - 20th November 2015



Nation 25 Under Construction is a collective installation, that is the outcome of the workshops held between Lecce and Venice from the 20th to the 31st of October 2015 as part of the project Nationless Pavilion, curated by Nation25.


The curatorial team chose not to set up an exhibition but instead to trigger a process of elaboration and a discussion, through the organization of three artistic workshops, with the aim to visualize the critical issues and possibilities posed by an invisible state of political refugees.


Memory, sound, dreams, inner images, social politics, and anthropology were the elements taken into account for researching this new social structure.


The Nationless Pavilion is a project held

by Sara Alberani, and is part of the artistic platform Nation25 founded by Elena Abbiatici,

Sara Alberani, Caterina Pecchioli.


Curatorial Team Nationless Pavilion 2015  

Sara Alberani, Elena Abbiatici, Caterina Pecchioli

Scientific Committee: Francesco Martone


MAIN PARTNERS: Open Society, lettera27, Archivio Memorie Migranti, Free Home University, Musagetes Foundation


PARTNERS: Ammirato Culture House, BabelMed, Civico Zero, Comitato giustizia per i nuovi Desaparacidos nel Mediterraneo, Habeshia Agency per la cooperazione allo sviluppo (A.H.C.S), MAAM Museo dell’altro e dell’altrove, Sale Docks.




Address S.a.L.E. Docks:

Magazzini del Sale, Dorsoduro 265, by Punta della Dogana, Venice.






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